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The MCL Grand Theater will give the many arts groups in the Greater Lewisville area a facility to perform and display their works and will host other regional and national shows and exhibits, events, concerts, classes and meetings. The facility features a 296-seat theatre with acoustics designed for both speech and music, a 2,400-square-foot art gallery, a 2,400-square-foot dance recital hall, 3,000-square-foot black box and 2,800 square feet of classrooms. A courtyard from Charles Street to the theatre lobby is large enough to host small outside performances and dinners.

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Our Goal

Through the Steinway “88 Keys” campaign, residents of North Texas have the opportunity to be a part of the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater’s history. The campaign is named for the number of keys on a standard piano. It gives donors a chance to “purchase” one or more keys or make smaller donations toward the overall goal. The MCL Grand Theater worked closley with Dr. Pamela Mia Paul, regents professor of piano at the University of North Texas and a member of the 88 Keys organizing committee, to pick out the best piano model for the performance hall which was determined to be the Steinway Model D Concert Grand piano.

Each “key” costs $1,400. All donors will be publicly recognized at the end of the campaign.

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The Instrument

Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand

Quite simply, this is the ultimate piano. At 9 feet in length, this majestic musical instrument is the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists. It has the power and projection to be heard in a 2000-seat concert hall—without the aid of a microphone. It sings above the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra, yet it can whisper with equal impact. Its miraculously sensitive action allows any artist to ask of it whatever he or she wants, with full confidence of this instrument’s ability to respond. The Steinway model “D” Concert Grand is the piano that will completely satisfy those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression.

The Steinway piano – with its beauty and power – is the perfect medium for expressing the performer’s art, drama and poetry.
– Van Cliburn

How It Works

The 88 Keys Program is a fundraising website to help the Medical Center of Lewisville Grand Theater raise money to purchase a Steinway & Sons Concert Grand piano . This project will enable the MCL Grand Theater to provide the world’s finest piano to their students, guests artists, and performers of all ages.

To assist us in our initiative to acquire the piano, Steinway & Sons and their exclusive dealer in North Texas, Steinway Hall, has developed this website to give you the opportunity to donate to this worthy cause. Here’s how it works…


Step 1: Click the “Donate A Key” button anywhere on our website.
Step 2: A new window will open which will display a keyboard of a Steinway piano.
Click the key you would like to purchase.
Step 3: After you selected your key, complete the form with your information
and click ‘Send’.

Step 4:
Your completed form will be sent to and received by the MCL Grand
administration, who will contact you to collect your donation.